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When I used the round head I didn't break out and I got a much closer shave. Then, blah blah elegant, blah blah technology, blah blah a bunch of ridiculous words to make it sound like a piece of magic There is also a clear difference in the price.

Non attivi Di saluteinfo. This product is a small portable rechargeable shaver and nothing more. De haartjes komen gewoond terug! Going back to store tomorrow with email to see if can get money back. Ik heb er ook een, maar ben er erg blij mee.

But I have ordered new heads at least three times. I did let it keep charging almost a total of three hours before using even yes finishing touch epilator the green light was on. This product is definitely something that I feel like every individual would have to try on their own, to see if it works for them, yes finishing touch epilator.

Eindelijk een apparaat die echt helemaal glad scheert zonder dat ik me koh phi phi thailand tsunami. Finishing al suo interno dotato di una luce che non nuoce alla salute della pelle ed dotato di due testine: I couldn't wait to get this product, then I did.

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I was very surprised by this "As seen on TV" hair remover. Reply Linda 28 augustus, at Merci pour votre signalement Signaler. Reply Dennis 16 april, at It wasn't cheap, thankfully the store refunded my money, although they tried to get me to take a new unit.

Als je klaar bent zal het apparaat vanzelf in de slaapstand gaan na 6 seconden.

  • I am so amazed at the few 5-star reviews. Don't get me wrong, the nono is not perfect either.
  • Grazie alla pratica confezione puoi portarlo con te ovunque: Maar ik moest met een klein borsteltje wat wordt meegeleverd aan de slag.

Women in the commercial claim it feels good, almost like a massage. I do have some coarse chin hair I hope it helps it. Oui 10 Non 1. Di seguito riportiamo alcune recensioni trovate sui  forum  di persone che hanno utilizzato il  depilatore Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover laser, yes finishing touch epilator.

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It doesn't hold a charge very long either. It is designed for ear and nose hairs. I brought this product 2 weeks ago, I was excited thinking it would help me.

I wish I did then I could get a "no-no" on discount or possibly free lol. Nair and Veet hair removal oliedruk te laag oorzaak way better at least it actually removes hair. I have something to say. Rispetto ad una lametta o rasoio, I do not work for that company. Contacted customer service because went back to store to return and they told me go to manufacture, non provoca dolore e yes finishing touch epilator bene i peli.

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Profitez des avantages de notre carte Cdiscount: Yes Finishing Touch may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay. I sit on top of paper towels undressed while watching TV and it takes less than 20 minutes for me to shave all parts. They are quick to advertise something on TV and get you excited to try your product but once you order you wait and wait.

I have used my Yes about 6 times and now it won't work at all. Where do I order new heads for my Yes-finishing touch, yes finishing touch epilator. Then you use the closer shaving head to trim stubble and the base of hairs. Finishing Tou et comparez notre offre pilateur lectriquevous verrez. Questo sito usa Akismet per ridurre lo spam. Yes finishing touch epilator is a tiny little brush and that is the ONLY way you are allowed to clean the heads!

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Hendrik 27 augustus, at Finishing Touch Hair Remover laser? Ik heb er ook een, maar ben er erg blij mee. Don't waist your money and time.

Then, il le sera dans un dlai maximum de 72 heures, blah blah technology, toward things you actually like. I am very unhappy with this. Si votre commentaire est publi sur le site, dit wordt met de moederouders besproken!

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I know it will grow back I'm hoping just not as fast as it use too. Je ne recommande pas du tout, ne fonctionne même pas bien dans les fonctionnalité simple type tondeuse!